What are your turnaround times?
Giclee prints: 2-3 days.
Photographic prints: 1-2 days.
Canvasses: 2-3 days.
Greetings cards 6-8 days for proofs and 7-10 days for printing.

In our busier periods (eg. approaching Christmas, art trails, or major exhibitions) this may extend to longer lead times. If you require printing around such times, please avoid ordering at the last minute in order to avoid disappointment.

What is your minimum order?
Our minimum order for cards is 250 total (minimum per design is 25). We have no minimum order for Giclee prints, photographs or canvasses.

What are your delivery charges?
Our standard delivery charge is £10. If you are prepared to deliver and collect your work then obviously no charge as applicable. If you are not based in Bristol we use a courier service which means your orders can be tracked. Average delivery charge is around £10 for UK mainland. For larger orders we may offer free delivery.

What are Giclee Prints?
Giclée ("zhee-clay") from French meaning to squirt ink or other liquid. It is the invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source. Our prints are made using this method with state of the art digital technology on 100% acid free archival quality art papers using light fast inks.

How good is your printing?
We believe our prints to be of the absolute highest quality, we can print up to 800 dots per inch (dpi), normal high quality printing would be around 300 dpi (The naked eye can only view screen dots up to about 200 dpi). 300 dpi is our standard setting but we can print higher if required. In fact, we are so confident about the quality of our printing that we guarantee that if you are not satisfied then you pay nothing!

Can you match colours exactly to my original artwork?
When reproducing artwork every effort is made to match your original, we use colour calibrated computer monitors to view artwork before it is proofed. For an additional small charge we can supply a hard copy proof prior to printing.

How light fast are your prints?
The inks we use are designed to be light fast for around 85 years, however we do not recommend exposure to direct Ultra violet light (U/V) light for lengthy periods e.g conservatory or sunny window, under certain conditions they have been found to be light fast for up to 100 years.

What is the largest sheet size you can print?
A1 which is 594mm x 840mm (24" x 40"), the machine we use is roll fed

Do I get to keep copies of the files or scans that you make from my artwork?
We hold all artwork on file which we use to print your cards or giclees. We NEVER re-produce this without the artist's permission. You hold all copyright on your work, and therefore it would be illegal for us to re-produce your work without your permission. If you wish to purchase your images from us to allow you to print elsewhere then you can do so at a cost of £40-£60 depending on complexity of scan.